Green Bay Gunners Basketball


Peyton Armstrong
    -Winona St. (fb)
Jasen Baranowski
Adam Beyer
    -Augustana (SD)
Kaden Coleman
Ryan Frieder
David Klink
    -Ripon College
Bennett Koch
    -Northern Iowa
Eddie Mattia
Spencer Mocarski
Aaron Moesch


Mission Statement:

To provide young athletes an opportunity to learn basketball fundamentals while teaching the importance of hard work and accountability to build character as they become young men.

The Green Bay Gunners offer a cost effective option for boys in the greater Green Bay community to participate in a summer basketball program dedicated to individual skill development and playing competitive tournaments. We focus on proper technique and fundamentals to help kids elevate their game to the next level. 

Memo from Kael Coleman:

Due to personal and professional reasons I will not be able to coordinate any Green Bay Gunner activities for the 2015 season. I apologize for the timing of this announcement as I was doing everything in my power to try and figure out a way to continue with the Gunners, however I do not feel I can fully commit to the time requirements of what the program has grown into.

To all,

First, I would like to thank the many players, parents, family members and friends who I have met over the past 5 years directing and organizing the Green Bay Gunners. It has been a fun time that I will always remember. I appreciated the opportunity to coach and mentor each player who has been in our program.

As many of you know, assembling the spring and summer schedules for multiple teams is a huge task. It takes a great deal of time and attention to detail. As our program continued to grow, so did the requirements to successfully organize and execute the Gunners season. Unfortunately for me, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the new things required by me in both my personal and professional life. As new opportunities present themselves we often must adjust the way we manage our time. For this reason, I will not be coordinating any youth basketball for the 2015 season.

The Gunners will still be around this year and if you have a team interested in playing under the program name please feel free to contact me and I will assist any way I can. I still want to be a part of youth basketball, it is as simple as I cannot commit enough time to do things “the right way” and that would not be fair to the players.

The Gunners were founded as a low cost option for youth in the Green Bay community to experience AAU style basketball without excessive travel and major time commitments. I certainly think we have done that and made many great memories along the way.

I apologize for any inconvenience the timing of this may have caused. As the company I work for in my professional life merges in 2015 there are many unknowns as to how my responsibilities will change. I had hoped to be able to adjust my schedule to allow me to continue with the Gunners but appreciate your understanding that it will not be possible this summer. As always, please feel free to contact my by email or on my cell phone if you need anything.


Kael Coleman


If you are interested in learning more about the Gunners program please email